Testimonials for French Language Classes

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“I have had quite a few false starts in beginners French classes over the years, with as many teachers. Gay has been the most wonderful, patient and organised teacher out of all. Her teaching skills mean I always feel supported and I’m never left feeling judged or silly for asking questions. No matter what state my French is in, she always takes notice and starts where we need to be. I cannot recommend her course and her as a teacher more highly.”    Justine  (Pearl Beach)


“My husband and I studied French with Gay as we were planning a holiday in Paris. Gay tailored our lessons specifically to our needs and the sessions were relaxed and very informative. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a French teacher.”         Melinda (Gordon)


 “I truly enjoyed everything about the course offered by Gay. Not only did I gain confidence to be able to converse in French for my holiday in Paris, but Gay also covered many practical and informative aspects of life and travelling in France. It surpassed what I thought I would learn in such a short time. She was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and her course was well organised and professional and most importantly fun.”   Jayne  (Pymble)


Paris School: “After being very apprehensive about a week in Paris alone, I took Gay’s advice and enrolled in the Accord School for a 5 day course. It was one of the most rewarding and fun weeks of my life! My teacher, Valerie, was a gorgeous young woman, and aspiring actress, who was so helpful not only with the language, but various tips on Paris – she told us all the hip places to visit! I had the opportunity to improve my French which was fantastic, but most of all I experienced Paris with my new friends from all over the world. It is a week I will never forget.”   Victoria (West Pennant Hills)


I have tried quite a few different methods of learning French over the last few years, including four Uni semesters and have found the winning combination for me to be in Gay Bird’s classes. I really look forward to my class each week now, instead of dreading it. Gay takes the time to answer any query and makes sure that we understand the concepts before moving on. I also love that we have a lot of fun as a class together while we are learning. I can’t thank Gay enough for teaching me.  Jo  (Dean Park)


“ Gay, I have really enjoyed our French lessons. You have been a wonderful teacher. And you always keep us on our toes. We never know what surprises we will encounter each week.  Your funny and interesting asides make lessons very entertaining.”          Claire  (Mangrove Mountain)


 “As a language teacher myself I can highly recommend Gay’s French classes.  She tailors the lessons to the learner’s needs and goals, paces the lessons appropriately and adds her experience of French culture and customs to thoroughly prepare her students for their French travels.  I travelled to France and Switzerland shortly after my lessons ended and was surprised how immediately useful the French I learned was.  Her tips on using the Paris Metro and her recommendations of places to visit in Paris were excellent and definitely made our trip all the better.”       Ana (Denistone West )


Thank you Gay, for giving me the knowledge and the confidence to speak French in France, for on a recent visit to Normandy, I finally got the courage to speak French while shopping. Not only was I understood, but I understood the response paying for and receiving the requested goods. Seems very little, but I was delighted and further such victories followed.  Previously I have struggled with my studies of French, failing in my efforts to speak It when visiting France, but your ability to  communicate your love of France and the French language and your skilled and friendly teaching method has made learning in a group environment a pleasurable and successful learning experience and one I aim to continue. I highly recommend Gay to any prospective students.    Annette (Wollombi NSW)


‘With her bubbly, friendly personality and professional qualities, Gay creates the perfect environment for learning. Our lessons were interactive, creative and Gay is always very encouraging. We would recommend French Collection to anyone wanting to learn French.”     Jess & Nathan   (Wyong Creek)


Paris School – Homestay: “I was incredibly lucky to be placed in a very traditional Parisian apartment in the 1st Arrondissement just off the famous Rue Montorgueil. It was such a treat to see shop keepers setting up early each day, something I don’t usually see as a tourist! My host was a lovely woman, and although she spoke not a word of English, made me feel very welcome in her home. It was certainly an incentive to improve my French quickly! I was taken on a tour around the area and walked to the Accord school on my first day. Given my location I was lucky enough to be able to walk everywhere I wanted to explore. My host gave me a key to come and go as I please, and encouraged me to go out each night and experience Paris with my new friends.”  Victoria (West Pennant Hills)


“Prior to holidaying in France I decided to take a beginners course in French, I was fort

unate enough to find Gay, who gave lessons on the Central Coast. The lessons are given in her home in a relaxed learning environment. Gay is a wonderful teacher who, with her great sense of humour, explains everything in an informative, fun way, without being intimidating. Apart from Gay’s knowledge of the language, Gay also has extensive knowledge of  Paris and its regions, which is invaluable. I’m looking forward to continuing my French after my holiday!”     Lisa (Saratoga)


“I have just completed an eight week French class with Gay as our teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience, and I know that I will be much better equipped at speaking and understanding the French language when I holiday in France this year.  Gay is an excellent teacher and communicator, and she is always willing to assist with any questions one may have regarding all things ‘French’. She is patient and kind and caters for all levels of competency, from the beginning student to the more advanced. Gay encourages all students to work at their own pace and installs enthusiasm into every class.   I would highly recommend her class to anyone interested in learning more about the French language”.   Peta  (East Kurrajong )


“If you are interested in learning the French Language – and so much more – your search stops here! Gay Bird is an exceptional teacher of language – no matter what your level. She is passionate about the French language and all things French. Her teaching manner is patient, enthusiastic, warm and welcoming and she can take you from useful basics for fun with the language as you travel, right through to competent conversational French. After participating in both the Beginners’ 8 week course and an additional conversational extension class, I can thoroughly and enthusiastically recommend Gay and her French Collection to anyone, no matter what your level of language competence.”   Georgina  (Beecroft)


“I truly enjoyed everything about the course offered by Gay. Not only did I gain confidence to be able to converse in French for my holiday in Paris, but Gay also covered many practical and informative aspects of life and travelling in France. It surpassed what I thought I would learn in such a short time. She was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and her course was well organised and professional and most importantly fun.”   Jayne  (Pymble)


“We cannot speak highly enough of Gay and Chris’ French lessons. They went out of their way to squeeze us in halfway through a course, and helped us catch up. They have also given us advice on places to go on our upcoming trip to France. The atmosphere at the lessons is welcoming and informal, and the content is interesting and relevant.”   Emma & Damien  (Terrigal)


“The best New Year’s resolution I have made has been to learn a language.  The second best was choosing the French Collection.  Starting in a travellers French class was a great introduction and that theme has been continued throughout the year which has made the class very interesting and enlightening.  From learning very helpful everyday phrases, through to how to use the Metro and order a meal.  Gay’s engaging personality and easy teaching skills have been the reason I have continued for the whole year and will continue next year.  I can honestly say there hasn’t been a week when I haven’t looked forward to my Tuesday evening lessons and would highly recommend the French Collection if you are considering familiarising yourself with the language.”       Lyndall  (West Pennant Hills)


“Learning with Gay was a great experience and I always looked forward to every lesson. The teaching was fast paced but catered to our group’s learning ability and we were always able to slow down whenever needed. I would highly recommend Gay as a tutor. The lessons were great fun and her teaching ability allowed me to grasp the basics (and more) of the French language quite quickly.”       Kayla (Parramatta)


“My husband and I have been having private lessons with Gay for nearly a year and during this time our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Lessons are well prepared and at the same time  Gay provides a relaxed and encouraging approach that enables lessons to be fun and flexible. She is clearly passionate about France and about sharing her knowledge of the language and culture.”       Heather (Epping)


“It has been wonderful to have tuition where lessons focussed on my exact needs. Gay identified exactly where I was at. Material and teaching assisted me where I needed it, and was paced so that I was challenged, but not overwhelmed.”       Linde (Copacabana, Central Coast)


“Gay is a lovely teacher, she is very encouraging, friendly and helpful. She is very thorough and patient in her lessons and always made sure that I understood the meaning and pronunciation of words, grammar and all the other complexities of the French language! I was learning French because of my honeymoon in Paris and her knowledge of the city as well as the language was invaluable to me.”        Ruth (Sutherland)


“I was fortunate enough to have Gay give me a crash course in conversational French prior to a four week Rotary Exchange visit to Brittany.”      Howard (Manly)


 “French lessons held in a very pleasant, homely and comfortable setting. Mrs Gay Bird is a very skilful and enthusiastic teacher who puts much effort and preparation into the session and pitches it to a level that is not threatening but still extends her pupils.  The notes provided were very helpful and obviated the need to purchase expensive texts.”       Nano (Epping)


“Learning French with Ms Bird has so far been an extremely helpful and rewarding opportunity. It is fun and very enjoyable. I would recommend it for everyone.”       Christine (East Killara, HSC student )


“Gay’s German lessons were interactive, stimulating, well organised and fun! They were also tailor-made to our family’s travel needs.”       Carolyn (Cheltenham)


“When I was accepted at late notice into an exchange program to France, at first I was immediately thrilled, then I had a worrying thought – how am I going to learn French in 6 weeks?!  Thank you Gay, you went above and beyond my expectations from our very first contact.”        Jacqui  (Avoca Beach, Central Coast)


 “I am now in my 8th month of learning French with Gay and will not be stopping anytime soon! Starting out with an 8 week beginner class was an excellent place to begin. The class was small which allowed us to get to know each other and get through the material at a comfortable pace. I have continued my learning in a small group of 3-4 people. Gay always has our lessons well prepared and we are able to slow down or speed up when needed! Along with her excellent teaching skills there are always a lot of laughs. I particularly enjoy cheese and champagne nights! I highly recommend Gay if you are looking for a relaxed and fun environment to learn.”       Victoria  (West Pennant Hills)


“Prior to holidaying in France, I undertook with a small group of people a short course in French conducted by Ms Gay Bird at her home.  Gay’s excellent teaching skills, fluency in the French language, great sense of humour and her extensive contemporary knowledge of French culture, Paris and the regions of France made for a most enjoyable and valuable learning experience. All the course participants particularly appreciated Gay’s comprehensive course notes, her attention to detail with respect to the course work, and her genuine interest in improving the language skills of all the group members.”        Paul (Epping)


“Having tried a number of ways to improve my French speaking ability and comprehension, I found having individual lessons with Gay extremely productive and rewarding.  Gay was able to concentrate on my personal level of ability with the language and geared her lessons to suit my interests, requirements and capability at the time.”   Margie (Cheltenham)


“I joined a small class, mostly keen travellers with  some memories of French from school all keen to get some skills to enhance the experience of being in France. Gay provided a wonderful learning environment. Supportive, encouraging, practical and great materials. I would thoroughly recommend this learning experience. Gay is a wonderful teacher and she understood perfectly the needs of each of her students.  It was the next best thing to being in France!!! ”  Pauline (Epping)


“My husband and I attended the beginner classes with Gay prior to a holiday in France.  We highly recommend Gay’s courses; the beginner course gave us quite a lot to use in France but at the same time was not overwhelming.  A relaxed and intimate setting in a very small group is the key – you don’t feel intimidated or like you’re being left behind.  Gay is a great tutor and we look forward to learning more.”         Debbie  ( Kings Langley)


“I started coming to Ms Bird at the beginning of this year and I can definitely see the effect that her engaging HSC tailored lessons have had on my recent school French marks.  When the HSC is over I can see her lessons sustaining my interest in the French language and culture”.    James (Drummoyne, HSC Student)


“I am going to France for 7 months and Gay’s beginner course was ideal preparation. The classes are full of laughs but we still got through a lot of material. We focused more on what was applicable to travelling as opposed to fussing over the technical nature of the language which was great. Classes were the highlight of my week!”       Trent  (Parramatta)


“Excellent way to learn Beginners’ French.  Gay was a fab communicator with lots of patience and great handouts.   I learnt to speak French & did not get lost in Paris.”        Dian (Wentworth Point)


“I attended lessons with Gay, together with my wife and daughter, for the purpose of acquiring some basic skills in the German language. I found the lessons to be well prepared, suited to our level of experience with German and  culturally relevant.  The lessons were conducted in an enjoyable, relaxed and informal atmosphere and were of great practical value on our visit to Germany and Switzerland.”     Guy (Cheltenham)


“Ms Bird’s enthusiasm for French is infectious! She inspires her students with her passion.  She is flexible with lesson timing; will run late to finish off a topic rather than stop sharp at the end of the lesson time; and is in frequent email contact between lessons, providing continuous support. Apart from her excellent language and teaching skills, Ms Bird is a genuinely caring and warm person.  Studying with her was an eagerly anticipated weekly delight.  She gave me a great sense of confidence in my HSC French exam.”  Elias (Castlecrag HSC Student)                                                                                                                                                                                                            


“Learning French with Gay is always a lot of fun. She is a well prepared & patient teacher & her classes are full of energy & interest. Anyone at any level would benefit from her classes.”   Liz (Killcare)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Liz


“I attended a French Beginners course in first term 2013 and found that Gay created a warm and encouraging environment for her students in which it was a pleasure to learn.  Highly recommended!”    Ann  (North Epping)


“I had a wonderful experience learning French with Gay. The lessons were easy to follow whilst also being interesting and stimulating. The environment and atmosphere of the class was always welcoming and encouraging.  I would recommend this class to tout le monde”!     Katie   (Beecroft)


“Gay’s French classes were informative, inspirational, well-structured and fun, and after an 8-week term, we were able to successfully book a restaurant in Paris by phone for our forthcoming trip. Very highly recommended”.       Ann & Bob  ( Glenhaven)


“In March this year I began a Beginners French language course with Gay. I was part of a group of six students and we met weekly at Gay’s home. This has been a delightful experience! As I hadn’t studied French since high school I was very nervous. Gay immediately put everyone at ease with her warm and friendly manner. Gay was so encouraging to everyone in the group that we all quickly became confident and felt at ease with French conversation. Gay systematically covered all essential aspects of the language so as we can look forward to speaking  with confidence on our next holiday to France. Gay also gave us valuable tips about sightseeing in Paris and enjoying all aspects of French culture. The knowledge which Gay passes on to her students is invaluable and will increase the pleasure of anyone’s  trip to France”.    Trish (Epping)


I” recently joined a small group of students, with Gay Bird as our teacher, to participate in a series of weekly French lessons over a period of eight weeks. The lessons were conducted in the relaxed comfort of our hostess’ home in Epping. Gay’s ability to create a sequence of highly relevant and very interesting lessons that enabled her to cater to a wide range of needs was evident at the outset. Also, her ability to always engage and inform us all in encouraging and innovative ways has convinced me to return to another series of lessons this exemplary teacher is offering in May/June.  Merci beaucoup Gay”.       Marguerite   (Epping)


“Bonjour, I am in my senior years and took the French Beginners class with Madame Gay, not having any prior experience with language. Loved the classes.  Now I am armed with the necessary language skills to make my trip to France less daunting! Would definitely recommend Gay’s classes”.      Linda (Davistown)


“French lessons with Gay have been the highlight of my week. Gay is a superb teacher- supportive and encouraging and lots of fun. I have completed the Beginners Course and will certainly continue with Gay for the next stage. Each lesson has been well paced, extremely well planned and full of laughs. Gay’s enthusiasm for and knowledge of France enlivens each lesson. The course content targets would-be travellers perfectly, as well as those who just want to learn this beautiful language”.  Julie  (North Epping )


“I have been learning French with Gay for three semesters now, and despite many offers from friends to join them elsewhere, my preference is to stay in this class. Gay is a wonderful teacher – she is patient and helpful.  Always willing to answer any question, even if it means we veer off the lesson plan for a little while. I love the way the classes are small, intimate and open.  There is a respect for the challenge of learning a new language – particularly given we’re all trying to learn in amongst our already busy lives.  The lessons are also structured in a way that is both well-paced, yet challenging. And the people … are fabulous!    Charlotte (Epping)


“I have recently completed Level 1 French with Gay in a class where some students had no French and others had some basic training. I found Gay’s approach to teaching such a diverse group excellent. All students were encouraged to feel at ease, everyone made progress and we covered a remarkable amount of material effortlessly”.     Elizabeth   (West Pennant Hills)


“I always thought that in order to learn a language I would have to devote hours and hours of my time and memorize grammatical rules and new words outside of class. I thought that learning French would be demanding both time-wise and in terms of the amount of hard work I would have to put into it. Gay completely changed my views. I now firmly believe that your brain can do wonders for you when you are truly enjoying yourself in a non- stressful environment.”  Marina  (Telopea)    


“I think it was once of the nicest experiences I have had and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I know there were times that I felt nervous, but you and the other class members made me feel really at ease, encouraged and inspired to continue.  Whilst I have realised I have probably left it too late to be fluent, my aim is to be as good as I possibly can, particularly when one has never tried to learn a new language. Gay, you are an excellent teacher and mentor and made the classes fun and exciting. I also think having the luxury of them held in your home just added to the French atmosphere.”     Suzanne   (West Pennant Hills)


“A great teacher, Gay.  Your enthusiasm dispels any notion that we are ‘just’ another group going through.  Each lesson seems to go quickly (et ce n’est pas parce que vous avez avancé la pendule!)”  Wan (Epping)


“I just wish I was taught French like this when I was at school!  Gay’s classes are a joy and her enthusiasm for all things French is infectious. I can’t wait for my next round of classes to begin.”  Helen  (Killcare)


“I’m happy to tell you what a great experience your French classes have been! As a new member of the group I felt very welcome and appreciate the efforts you went to in helping me, giving me a list of the group’s names and lists of the topics covered in the previous term.  Through your thorough, engaging and well-paced lessons I feel my French has improved greatly and I am inspired to continue learning this beautiful language.”            Rosemary  (Arcadia)


“I am so pleased that I came upon the notice about these French classes in the window of a local cafe.  We had recently moved and I wasn’t sure how I was going to continue with the classes that I had started in Sydney in 2013.  I was also apprehensive as to how I would fit into the class, as a continuer, not sure if my French was up to the standard needed.  However, I needn’t have worried about any of that.  Gay has been so welcoming and understanding of the different levels and abilities within our class.  I really look forward to the lesson each week.”    Catherine  (Hardys Bay)


“Gay makes learning French fun and interesting for an absolute beginner. I learnt so much in only 8 weeks and had a great time meeting some lovely people. I would highly recommend you attend one of Gay’s classes!”          Suzanne  (Epping)


“Gay is a very enthusiastic and engaging teacher. She has a way of making learning French fun and easy. The lessons are well -structured and informative and any questions are encouraged even when slightly off topic. It’s a wonderful environment to learn. Gay is also very helpful when planning a trip. You can tell it’s her passion. She will go out of her way to help in any way possible. Thank you, Gay!”  Carolyn (Epping)              


We thoroughly enjoyed French Beginners Level 1 and are keen to learn more. We found your classes to be informative and loads of fun.   Victoria & Nick (Sydney)


I have just completed my first term of small group lessons with Gay Bird – French teacher extraordinaire! Gay has an in depth knowledge & understanding of the French language & culture & is a fluent speaker of the language. She uses a structured, yet flexible approach with a good balance between grammar, vocabulary, colloquial speech & every day speech. My group consisted of six friendly people, including Gay’s husband! Gay is very generous in giving as much knowledge as she can to her students without overloading them. The lessons were relaxed & fun. I will definitely be returning for a second term. Leeanne ( Booker Bay)


Gay is the loveliest of French teachers you will find. The classes are always full of laughs and everyone is encouraged and feels included and inspired to learn more. Her knowledge of the beautiful language and traveling in France is extensive, and she is always happy to answer any questions you may have about living or adventuring in France. The lessons are relaxed and at the same time, very thorough as you cover a wide range of vocabulary and topics. You will fall in love with the French language and be inspired to learn more!   Tessa  (Cherrybrook)


I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two terms of French Beginners with the French Collection in Epping. Gay is an excellent teacher and the small classes are conducted in a warm and friendly environment. She has a great knowledge of all things French which make the lessons even more enjoyable. I will definitely continue with my French lessons. What I have learned, and continue to learn, will be very useful when I travel to France next year. Ann  (Pennant Hills)


Learning to speak French had always been a dream of mine, and finding Gay has turned my dream into reality! Gay is a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher who has made learning French a thoroughly enjoyable experience”. Merilyn  ( Castle Hill )


I have had a great time at your French classes over the past weeks. You have made it easy and fun. Now I am really looking forward to my next visit to that beautiful country and am confident that I will be able to make myself understood. I especially liked our music sessions – what an enjoyable way to learn! Thanks again Gay. Annette (Epping)


My husband and I have been attending French lessons through the French Collection. It has been a very enjoyable learning experience. The lessons have been quite fun while still learning and understanding the French language. Classes are small and everyone is included in practice with speaking and pronunciation. There are always titbits of information about France and French society along the way. I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to learn French.  Margaret (Cherrybrook)


The French classes are fun, lively and engaging – the teacher sets the cultural context by sharing many entertaining anecdotes from her time spent in France. By the end of each class we all feel we have been transported to France for the evening and enjoyed every moment!  Wendy ( Arcadia )


Gay has an organised and patient teaching style. She creates a very comfortable and relaxed learning environment. I have made significant progress since joining this group and would recommend the classes to all, regardless of ability.  James ( Epping )


Bonjour Gay, I have absolutely enjoyed every evening of coming to your French lessons. I wasn’t sure about coming when I first started, but your friendliness,support & enthusiasm, as well as the other students in class, have made learning enjoyable & certainly not a chore (even with our ‘devoirs’ ). I haven’t once been made to feel stupid or embarrassed even when mistakes are made (which is often) and I have appreciated that. Thank you & I hope to be back for another term.   Jennifer  ( Berowra)


In the lead up to my HSC French exam i wanted to improve and refine my writing skills, so I went to Gay Bird for help. She gave me many tips and ideas, which really helped me and made a significant difference to my final mark! Her manner was extremely professional and gentle, and her knowledge of the HSC curriculum and teaching background meant that she was very able to help not only with my exam, but with my French in general. I would thoroughly recommend anyone aspiring to learn French or boost exam marks to approach her.  Emily (HSC Student, Berowra)


Just a few lines to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. It was a great learning experience and I especially enjoyed the chemistry of being in a small group. The other students were lovely and I looked forward to my French lesson every week. Merci, Donald  (Gosford)


Want to learn French the fun way? Gay Bird’s classes in Killcare are not only a great way to learn French, they are also interesting and fun, (and we get to sit overlooking an unrivalled beautiful panorama of sparkling ocean below. From our first Bonjour, Gay’s clever teaching immerses us in the beauty of French language and culture. Our small group interacts spontaneously under her enthusiasm and French savoir faire. The weeks fly by and suddenly we’re ordering food in a mock French cafe just like the French do. C’est si bon!  Vicky ( Umina)


We have just completed a 7 week Beginners’ course which will be very useful for our future French holiday! Gay is a great teacher, very patient with a great sense of humour too. The classes are small and intimate with lots of interaction between the other students, not to mention the fantastic view. A great experience which we hope to continue in another term. Très Bien!  Iain & Anna  ( Umina Beach )


I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience with Gay at French Collection. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and I felt very welcomed. The lessons were engaging and provided in a relaxed and friendly manner, making the learning all that much easier. Students were encouraged to ask questions and all questions were discussed and explained in detail, without any time constraint pressures. Looking forward to future classes!  Michelle  ( Umina Beach)


I have thoroughly enjoyed my French classes over the last two terms. The small group atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and Gay makes sure everyone has an opportunity to practise speaking. I’m looking forward to next term and feeling inspired to plan a trip to put my new skills to the test!  Alex (Ryde)


Just a wee thank-you for your wonderful French classes. I enjoyed them immensely. Your warmth and style of teaching made it so comfortable and easy for me to learn (not being a youngster!) I think your experience of the country also contributed to the knowledge of the language and its everyday use. Very helpful if you are visiting France. I’m hooked and practising madly!!! Paris here I come!! Merci beaucoup!!   Maureen (Hardy’s Bay )


Just a short note to say thanks for your instructive and satisfying course. What I did enjoy was : the casual ambience; continuous class participation; same lesson format each week concentrating on personal and practical instruction; each week adding that extra layer; Gay’s clean/clear accent [le chou chou !] Looking forward to Beginners Niveau 3.  Mick ( Melrose Park )


Gay has an extraordinary ability to teach, entertain, support adults in their diverse needs in the pursuit of learning French . No mean feat. She is obviously a born teacher who loves what she does and does it very well. Her energy is infectious, her knowledge is sound and level appropriate.. a delightful mixture of support, information, encouragement bound together by an ardent “francophilia” to share the pleasure of all things French. Good fun, good learning!  Katrina  (Beecroft)


I was lacking motivation to maintain consistent work ethic in battling through the French HSC course. However, after seeing Ms Bird, not only has she taught me valuable exam and study techniques and the intricacies of the French language, but she also taught me the beauty of French culture and traditions. She is always willing to help unconditionally, constantly sending encouraging emails to make sure we’re still powering through and not burning out. Her bright smile, lively personality and perfectionist attitude continually makes lessons productive, intriguing and enjoyable. Vanessa,  HSC Student (Rhodes)


I’ve loved picking up French again with Gay in her friendly, informal classes. The classes are well-structured, varied and enjoyable, and I have felt encouraged and supported both by Gay and the other students I am learning with. I feel like I have learned a lot in a short amount of time and feel more confident in my speaking ability. I definitely recommend to anyone considering starting or continuing to learn French.  Emily  (Woy Woy)


I have been going to French classes with Gay for about 5 months now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson.  I started going as I am visiting France soon for the first time, and wanted to revive my high school knowledge.  I am feeling much more confident, thanks to Gay, and am looking forward to my trip.  The group I am learning with are delightful, and I have not known an lesson to be without much laughter.  I thoroughly recommend Gay to anyone who wants to become even more enthusiastic about France and French than they already are.  Melanie (Bateau Bay)


I wanted to learn French because my husband and I love France and we have travelled there a number of times. The class was wonderful.  I learned so much, the group was great and we had so much fun!     Gay is truly an outstanding teacher. Margaret  (Mooney Mooney Creek)


Gay creates the most enjoyable learning atmosphere in her lessons. No matter what your level, she is tuned to everyone’s needs. Her classes are interactive, and you learn in a supportive and fun environment.  If you have tried other classes or are unsure where to start, I can recommend Gay’s classes wholeheartedly.  Sandie  (Eastwood)


Deciding to learn French was very different for me however, after only my first term I have gained a lot more knowledge than I thought I would and am still continuing to practice. The delivery of the course is well presented and informative, would recommend to all. Thank you!  Tamara  (Telopea)


I walked into Gay’s Beginners 1 unsure of how long I could persevere given that I had not even school French in my past and a three score and ten birthday in the near future.  Two terms on, am absolutely delighted and preparing for Paris trip in near future with a greater feeling for French culture as well as language in my baggage .  Classes are also such fun that it would be a real hardship to give them up – Gay is a born teacher!    Alix  ( Koolewong)


As someone who has attended French classes here in Australia as well as overseas, I can truthfully say that Gay’s classes have been the most enjoyable and the most effective of any I have attended.  Gay has a natural gift for teaching and is absolutely one of the best.  She is warm, funny and perceptive and her enthusiasm for the French language and all things French is infectious. Lessons are informative, entertaining (she has a wicked sense of humour!) and above all, fun.  Gay has the ability to create a learning environment where students feel at ease with each other and are willing to stretch themselves to master the language, having lots of laughs and fun along the way.  She also offers great insights to French life and culture for those planning on visiting France and has been extremely helpful in her recommendations on accommodation options for my forthcoming trip to France.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gay’s classes.  Jenni (Wagstaff)


I loved every minute of my French classes with Gay at French Collection. She is such an amazing teacher and always adapted to the varying levels of students in her class. The theme based learning is very practical and really helps it all to sink in. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning the language in an awesome and fun environment. Nikki-Lee  (Ermington) 


Ms Bird is a very very thorough and helpful tutor who has extensive knowledge about French and the HSC course. She makes difficult lessons very bearable (even fun!) and always ensures that I’m ready for exams well in advance. In addition to the vast amount of resources she provides, she is also always ready to help with great advice on how to manage stress and the HSC. I have definitely improved greatly from her help and could not recommend her more!   Mahalia, HSC Student (Killara)


Thanks for making my learning experience fun, and for inspiring me with a desire for life-long learning. I really appreciated your SUPER approach to teaching, especially your:

  • Support and your high expectations that my co-learners and I could achieve our goals.
  • Understanding our needs as learners of a foreign language, and for your ongoing encouragement.
  • Passion for teaching, which shone through in your patience and praise of our achievements.
  • Engaging/interactive lessons, using a variety of teaching strategies (especially the role-plays)
  • Relevance of lesson-plans to everyday situations.

     Vous êtes un professeur genial!  Sandra (Umina) 

I enrolled at French Collection to enable me to achieve my goal of having a simple conversation in French.  I’ve been struggling with my school girl French whilst visiting and living in France for many years.  I thoroughly enjoyed the classes as Gay makes them fun and uncomplicated.  I feel that I have progressed and look forward to the next stage.  I would highly recommend French Collection to anyone wanting to learn in an informal and informative environment. Suzy (Willoughby)                                                                                                           

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