Advanced, HSC and other levels of French Classes


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If you want to study French at an Advanced, HSC or Intermediate level, we will discuss with you your background in the study of the French language and your level of proficiency.

As well, we will consider the future purpose of your French course be it HSC, university, business, pleasure or travel.

Having assessed your proficiency and purpose, we can determine the type of course most appropriate to your level and needs.

CD’s and resource material will provide cultural insights and a range of French listening experiences.


Details for Other Levels: 

* One 90 minute session for 6 weeks (9 hours’ tuition).

* Fees are $165

* Fees include course materials and the use of CD’s (where appropriate).

* Location:  Killcare (Central Coast), NSW

* Times:  day and evening weekday classes

* Tutor:  Gay Bird – B.A. (Hons); Dip. Ed. (University of Sydney)


For further information, please complete our Contact Form.

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