Burgundy Accommodation

The French Collection has a number of Burgundy Accommodation partners.

Burgundy is a region rich in history, culture and geography. Until the late 18th century Burgundy was not part of France, but a Dukedom with the powerful and long reigning Burgundy Dukes, one time allies to the English kings against the French king. The Burgundy frontiers stretched across eastern France and into Flanders.

Wine is one of the pillars and pride of Burgundy, with some of the most famous wines in the world coming from the concentrated vineyards. Read more about Burgundy wines at our “Wines from Burgundy” page.

Burgundy is also one of the main areas for canal barging in France:  we tried it recently, and it was simply the most memorable week.  Contact us for more information.

french-collection-chateau-icon-purple-tear-dropView France in a larger map
Locations marked with this purple tear-drop icon are Chateaux
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