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If you are planning a trip overseas, having some useful French expressions at your fingertips will provide a rewarding and new dimension to your experience. People will respond warmly to your attempts to communicate.  In fact, as you put into practice your newfound French, accompanied by the almost mandatory gesturing, you will have fun and enjoy a fresh insight and a sense of camaraderie from a ‘hands-on’ point of view.

So forget the little French phrase book and join one of our French for Travellers classes run in Killcare (Central Coast, NSW), and Paris.  In a relaxed and supportive atmosphere you can build your self-confidence and knowledge of French, encouraged by others of like mind.




French for Travellers courses are offered at 2 levels:

Level 1:

If  you are studying French for the first time and want to learn some useful language before you leave on your trip, then join our Beginner Course which is ideal for those planning to travel. Go to Beginner French Course for more details.

Level 2:

If you have learnt some French in the past, but you feel you would like to revise, practise and build on past knowledge, then join our French for Travellers (Level 2) course. As well as the revision and expansion of topics such as, shopping; transport; eating out; making reservations; inquiries and directions; you will be using a variety of tenses; expressing past and future events; expressing your feelings; explaining a problem.

At both levels, the language learning experience is tailored to meet your travel experience. CD’s and resource material will provide cultural insights and a variety of French listening experiences.

French for Travellers (Level 2):

  • One 90 minute class for 6 weeks (9 hours’ tuition)
  • Fees are $165
  • Fees include course material; use of CD’s (where appropriate)
  • Location:  Killcare (Central Coast), NSW
  • Times:  day and evening weekday classes
  • Tutor:  Gay Bird – B.A. (Hons); Dip. Ed. (University of Sydney)

For further information, please complete our Contact Form.

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