Driving in France

Chateauneuf-burgundy-Canal-Sign There’s nothing better than having the flexibility to detour to explore some distant hilltop village that appeals or to follow a canal route as it meanders through the picturesque countryside. But, if you’re planning on driving while in France, then there are some important things to be aware of and prepared for:

1.  Drive on the right side of the road: to assist in not forgetting this, tie something around your right wrist and be extra careful when exiting car parks and service stations.

2.  Familiarise yourself with the road signs – better still obtain our free Guide to Driving in France which includes key signs and invaluable tips: see below.

3. The speed limit in towns is generally 50 km/hr; on national roads, 90 and on the Autoroutes, 130 km/hr if conditions are fine and dry. Speed Cameras are not publicised as much as they are in Australia. Our Guide to Driving in France has further information and photos:  see below.

4.  Get to know key words and phrases used to advise motorists. A friend of ours once SMS’d us asking what signs showing “risqué de verglas” meant. We urgently advised that it meant “beware of black ice” on roads – so be careful !! Again see our Guide.

5.  Rental versus Leasing: if your tour is over 21 days, leasing may be the lower cost option. This way you pick up a brand new car and hand the keys back with the car when you’re finished, with no more to pay other than the agreed leasing fee.

6.  An International Driver’s License is not a pre-requisite in France, but it can be useful in an accident situation. Such licenses are available from your State’s motorist organisation (e.g. NRMA in NSW).

A free copy of our Guide to Driving in France is available to any client booking through the French Collection at least one night’s accommodation with any one of our properties. Simply mention you would like this Guide when completing the Reservation Enquiry request. Thank You.

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